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The Canine Good Citizen Award incorporates several behaviours that are considered necessary in a dog to be a good companion dog.

The behaviours are:

Sit stay and wait whilst the owner opens the car door until given the command to jump out of the car.

Walk on a loose lead to a gate, whilst owner is carrying a basket.

Sit and wait at the gate until the owner has opened the gate and given the command to walk through.

Be examined all over the body by a person unknown to them.

Be brushed without being worried by the brush.

Walk in a controlled walk on a set course, incorporating the sit and down..

Once excited and playing be able to calm down quickly when commanded to.

Sit stay whilst owner drops lead on the ground and walks a set distance away.

Walk towards unknown person and unknown dog and sit opposite them calmly.

Reliably recall back to owner from a distance.

Stay out of sight of the owner for one minute without becoming stressed.

This test is by invitation only and is for dogs who have completed the Pet Dog course and the Novelty Course.